Convert JSON to CSV or Excel

You can export all the information you captured with your TwipSend notifications to other apps like mailing lists or a database. TwipSend allows you to export all captured information in JSON format.

JSON is not the most common format when it comes to importing and exporting data so in this article you’ll learn how to convert a JSON file into CSV which is one of the most common formats many apps use when importing data.

Export your collected information in JSON format #

Select your desired campaign from the TwipSend dashboard. Note: Not all notifications collect information that can be exported.

Select the application, the information from which you want to export the data from. Look for the “Data” tab at the top of the screen below the notification’s name.

Click the “Export to JSON” link next to “Import data” and the JSON file containing all the collected data will be generated. From this screen you can also see the information of each conversion you have simply by clicking “Click to get conversion data”.

Convert JSON to CSV online #

There are plenty of free converters out there but just for the sake of this example we used the ConvertCSV free online converter.

Click the “Choose file” button and select the JSON file containing your information.

Next click the “Convert JSON to CSV” button to convert the information. You will see all the information is showing up on the Output data area below in comma separated values and also in a table format.

Information converted from JSON to CSV and Excel

All you need to do now is click on the Download Result button if you want to download the info in .csv format or click the JSON to Excel if you want to download the .xlsx file.

Now you are ready to import all the information you collected into other apps that support .csv importing, like mailing clients or databases.

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