Creating a campaign

What is a campaign? #

You can think of a campaign as an account that holds all the notifications for a particular website. Each campaign is associated with a website URL and with your free account you can create up to 3 campaigns.

This means you can display TwipSend notifications on five different websites which can be on different platforms: Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Squarespace…it doesn’t matter.

Creating a campaign #

After you sign up you will be taken to your Dashboard where you will be able to create your campaigns.

Click the “Create Campaign” button and a new panel will show up. Here you can enter the name of your campaign (Usually a good idea is to enter the name of your business, blog or site).

Enter the URL of your website and if you want to show the notifications from this campaign on subdomains of this URL, activate the “Include Subdomains” option at the bottom of the panel and click “Submit” to finish creating your campaign.

After you create the campaign you will see it list on your dashboard. Now you can enter and start creating notifications.

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