Subscribe WordPress users to Mailchimp easily without Zapier

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Connect WordPress to Mailchimp
In this article we offer you an alternative to the popular Zapier service that brings numerous improvements impossible to achieve with any external automation app.

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To automatically subscribe WordPress users to Mailchimp or automate WordPress, you have available some services such as Zapier, Integromat, or others which are undoubtedly of great help to many companies and users around the world. However, there is an extra cost if you want to benefit from some extra features or a greater number of actions than those available in the free plans.

TwipSend has no affiliation with WP Fusion nor does it get any financial compensation for this article or the recommendations you will find here.

The free plans of these online services usually offer a limited number of actions that usually range between 100 and 250 per month, which for a website with considerable traffic is very limited. If you want to connect WordPress with Mailchimp or another mailing application, you can exceed these limits very quickly. The solution to these limitations is to use the WP Fusion WordPress plugin.

Automate WordPress with WP Fusion

With WP Fusion you can integrate your WordPress site with a multitude of external services and apps without using code. Tasks like adding a new user to a mailing list based on the product they have purchased becomes a breeze, and it even integrates with Elementor forms. You can perform a multitude of actions between different apps based on user actions, or even restrict access to posts or hide entire Elementor sections based on specific user conditions.

Note: WP Fusion can only connect to one external app at a time. Perhaps one of the big disadvantages. Still, it is a very useful tool, read on.

If you have a subscription-based website, this tool will be very useful for you, as it connects to many, many membership plugins and helps a lot when it comes to automating WordPress.

AccessAllyPilotPressUltimate Member
BuddyBossProfile Builder ProUser Meta
MemberMouseRestrict Content ProUsers Insights
MemberPresss2MemberWishList Member
MembersSimple MembershipWooCommerce Memberships
Paid Memberships ProTeams for WooCommerce MembershipsWP-Members
PeepSoToolset User Forms

Subscribe WordPress users to Mailchimp for free without Zapier

With this plugin you can connect WordPress with Mailchimp very easily but also with many other mailing providers. WP Fusion supports the following mailing clients:

For more detailed information on each app, visit this page.

After installing WP Fusion Lite go to Setup and in the Select CRM section, select Mailchimp or another email client you are using or any other available service you want to automate WordPress with. You will need to find the API of your Mailchimp account to connect WordPress with Mailchimp.

Subscribe WordPress users to Mailchimp or other mailing providers for free

Once you have connected WordPress with Mailchimp or the CRM you use, you can go to the General Settings screen and select to which audience or contact list to add new users who register on your website.

In addition to automatically synchronize WordPress users with Mailchimp, with WP Fusion you can do much more although the Lite version (free) is a bit limited.

Blocking access to content with WP Fusion Lite

As part of the tools to automate WordPress, this plugin also allows you to block access to certain posts based on the lists or tags assigned to your contacts. You can restrict access only to users who are logged in, or to users who are logged in and have been assigned a tag or are on a contact list you have specified.

WP Fusion and Elementor

If you use Elementor on your website, you can also control which sections of your website will be visible to which users. This however, requires the Pro version of WP Fusion.

For example, you will be able to show some parts only to members who are on some contact list or have some tag assigned, while hiding it from users who don’t meet the conditions you have set for that Elementor section or element.

If you create online courses or manage memberships on your website, WP Fusion offers advanced options to manage contacts and actions according to different scenarios, for example:

Remove a contact from a mailing list if they unsubscribe.
Adding a contact to a mailing list based on a purchased product/subscription and removing them from other lists
etc… (Check membership plugins that are compatible with WP Fusion)


Even with the free version of WP Fusion you can avoid paying for external services to automate many tasks. The positive part of this plugin is that it does not limit the number of contacts you can synchronize, and it also allows you to map the user fields to the fields you have in your CRM: Name, Language, City, Country, etc.

You can also import all the contacts from Mailchimp or the app with which you synchronize your site and convert them into WordPress users and send them a welcome notification by email with their data to set the password and access.

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