Collect emails 📨

Advanced Triggers

TwipSend makes it easy to collect emails from your website visitors using the email collector or countdown notifications.
Like with all notifications by TwipSend you can choose exactly on which pages of your website these notifications show up based on conditional triggers.
This is useful especially when you want to display your notification only to people that arrive to your website from a specific campaign link. You can easily create campaign links using the Google Link Builder

Email subscription notification

With the Email Collector notification you can start colleting emails fast and easily. Customize the colors of the notification to fit your brand and choose where the form shows.

Countdown notification

You can use this notification to generate FOMO or urgency or simply show an expiring offer that you are running on your website or store.
This notification allows you to collect emails and send them to any email provider: Mailchimp, GetResponse, Sendinblue, AWeber, etc.