Attractive custom WordPress login page without code with WordPress login designer

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Custom WordPress login design
Improve the branding and consistency of your WordPress website by customizing the login screen with WordPress login designer and automatic redirection to the page the user was visiting.

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To improve your brand image and the user experience of your website, you can easily customize the WordPress login in a matter of five minutes with WordPress Login Designer. This simple action conveys more professionalism and also allows you to create a design that matches your website instead of the default WordPress login design. Read till the end, and I’ll also show you how to redirect users back to the page they came from before arriving to the login page.

Customize your WordPress Login page

I have tried a multitude of plugins to customize the WordPress login screen, but it must be said that many of them do not work very well or do not offer many customization options without offering you some paid plan to access more advanced features.

Custom Login Page Customizer – Login Designer

The plugin that I use on virtually all of my websites, including the TwipSend website, is Custom Login Page Customizer – Login Designer. The reason I like this plugin is that it uses the default WordPress login as a base and allows you to create the layout you want visually directly on the page by simply clicking on each element you want to customize.

I pray every day for Elementor Pro to introduce this feature on their theme builder ??

A basic customization of the WorPress Login screen

Among the customization options, WordPress Login Designer lets you: change the background color of the whole page or use a photo as background, change the overall layout of the page (location of the form), change all aspects of the form including width, height, colors, borders and fonts and buttons. You can customize the WordPress login screen using some additional fonts.

The layout also allows you to hide some elements, and also applies your customization to the registration and password recovery screens.

WordPress Login Designer custom page
Customized login page for TwipSend with WordPress Login Designer
Another example of a customized login screen
Customize WordPress login page with WordPress Login Designer

Bonus: How to redirect users to the page they came from?

If you want to finish customizing the WordPress login you can use another plugin that also performs additional functions such as hiding menus to users who are not logged in or do not have certain roles. It is a very good addition that I always recommend to everyone.

To redirect users to the page they were visiting before going to the login page install the plugin: User Menus – Nav Menu Visibility. It is true that this function can be implemented with a little php code, but as I say, this plugin offers some extra features that are really useful and that we will see in another article.

On the WordPress administration page go to Appearance>Menus and you will see a new section called User Links. Add a Login link to your menu and leave the Current page option so that once logged in, the user will be redirected to the page they were viewing before logging in.

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